All waves

“Thanks water, thanks sacred life”
The wave combined three generations and included an animal. It made our systemic and harmonic interdependence evident and more conscious, thanks to the wave movements between people and with nature.”

Manuela Pagàni Larghi – Participant

“When we decided to do the wave for Life is H2O, we took it up as a project that would create awareness. About 15 people from across our group participated. This was a team that had hardly ever worked together and therefore we didn’t know each other.”

Farhia Jabbar,  Dawood – Participant

Bring the issue of climate and water to our awareness

The Harong Magwayen group is committed to free diving in support of marine conservation, among their other consciousness-raising projects and activities. As a marine conservation videographer and as one of their free dive instructors, it was truly heartening for me to be a small part of this wonderful activity. This short video seeks to document and appreciate their efforts and especially – that of the global Life=H2O initiative

Robert Suntay