Your wave

Start your wave



• The location must permit your invited group to stand in a line with both feet in shallow water, e.g. sea, rivers, lakes, brooks etc.
• Video shooting must be done on location with a drone, video camera or smartphone
• Nature’s sounds should be incorporated
• Recording of facial expressions is encouraged


• Group size may vary from 5 to 250 - aim for diversity in nationality, age, gender, ethnicity etc.
• Ask each participant to bring a small container that can hold water and to wear waterproof footwear or to have bare feet as appropriate.
• Ensure participants agree to being filmed and that local privacy and safeguarding rules apply.

The wave


• Participants stand in line, side by side, two arm-lengths apart and participants touch the water with both feet
• The process works in two phases: one wave where the containers are filled in sequence, and the second where they are emptied back into the water.
• To start the first phase, the first person in the line holds up their empty vessel or container and then bends down to fill their container with water and hold it out in front of them. Then the next person fills up their vessel with water and holds it out in front of them and the next and next until the end of the line.
• The second wave starts with the person that finished the first wave. They pour the water out of their container back to where it came from. This continues back up the line, one participant at a time – with handover to the next person. The last person pouring the water (the person who started the whole process) raises their empty vessel again to end the wave.


• Have someone videotape the performance, either by smartphone, video camera or with drone.

Sense making


Guiding / suggested questions for participants after the event (please adapt and add your own as liked): • Has and in case yes, how has being part of this event affected you?
• How has it affected your relationship with water? 
• Did you notice a connectedness to the group?
• What will you take forward or do differently from now on? 
To manage the question process, give everyone a voice, for example by asking them to think on their for two minutes, share with partner for two minutes each, and with another pair for ten minutes, then spokesperson for each group of four shares top ideas/shared feelings with whole group.
You can find (free) detailed instructions for this and other great facilitation structures here:


Videotape the most interesting responses, to include in video of your wave.