Phillipines - Caban Cove, Maricaban Island


The Harong Magwayen group is committed to free diving in support of marine conservation, among their other consciousness-raising projects and activities. On this special day, we honored and participated in the global Life = H2O initiative. This amazing movement seeks to raise the awareness of ALL participants regarding the beauty, importance, and vulnerability of water via participatory art. In support of this, the Harong Magwayen group ventured to Caban Cove in Maricaban Island, which is part of the Municipality of Tingloy in the province of Batangas in the Philippines. There they engaged in a trash/plastic cleanup using their free dive skills. As a marine conservation videographer and as one of their free dive instructors, it was truly heartening for me to be a small part of this wonderful activity. This short video seeks to document and appreciate their efforts and especially – that of the global Life=H2O initiative Robert Suntay

Wave details


Number of people: 14

Ages: Late teens to early 30s


July 9th 2022


Harong Magwayen freedivers group

The wave