Our team

We are members of “the Change Leaders” – a community of change practitioners, created by the alumni of HEC Paris / University of Oxford Saïd Business School’s executive specialised Master’s Degree in ‘Consulting and Coaching for Change’.

Roberto Saco

Roberto, in the US, started the wave for Life=H2O. He pointed us to the importance of water and he first designed how the actual movement, the ‘choreography’ would look like.

Ute Bock

Ute, in Switzerland, has a lot of energy for Life=H2O and she pulled together a group of people in Switzerland to do the first pilot to actually form a wave. And she’s connecting more and more people to join the wave.

Jane Lewis

Jane, in the UK, got inspired during the first conversations about Life=H2O and has been part of this wave ever since to help various groups start their own projects.

Lars Thuesen

Lars, in Denmark, is enthousiatic to enable more and more people to join and therefore he drafted the first design principles for creating your own wave.

Thea Hazel

Thea, in the Netherlands, saw the potential of making Life=H2O a wave that can be repeated by many groups of people, creating a ripple effect throughout the world.

Harvinder Poonian

I was immediately drawn to the Life=H2O project as I love the idea of being part of creating waves across the globe through this “wavement”