Switzerland, Ticino


About 15 people from across our group participated. This was a team that had hardly ever worked together and therefore we didn’t know each other. While creating the wave we developed a bond with each other.

However what changed all of us was the incredible feeling we had once we created the wave and our interaction with the water body.

7am at a calm beach we created the wave with our personalized vessels.
Serene silence and the sound of the mesmerizing waves, we all connected with the water at another level. Some were in tears. Some thankful to God for the amazing blessing that we hardly ever appreciate.

Scooping water out of the sea and then pouring it back was like a promise we made to the sea or more so God that we would be more careful about the use of water.
It was so much more than an activity…it was like our organization had committed, we had committed as a team and as individuals.
The bond of water had brought us closer and together we had learnt from the sea to appreciate nature and be careful not to misuse it.
I can say about myself and am sure my team members also feel the same, I brought that promise back home and I still honor it.
I didn’t realize that one action and a ritual would leave such a deep impact on me and make such a significant change in my habits and mindset.”
Farhia Jabbar Dawood – Participant

Switzerland, Ticino wave

Wave details


Number of people: 7

Ages: 5-63 years


Saturday, October 24th 2020


The wave