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What we do

Raise awareness about the vulnerability of water through art

Our Purpose: to increase the level of collective awareness of climate change, one person at a time. Within the issue of climate change, we will focus on the role of water. Water gives, and water takes. In some parts of the world, water will become more scarce; in others, rising sea levels and/or heavy rainfall will endanger populated areas.

We raise awareness about the vulnerability of water through participatory art. Art has the potential to create a new perception about things that matter, and hence foster social change. We believe a collective change of heart is possible through the active engagement of the senses, and the application of moral and aesthetic imagination.


Wave animation by Eduardo Serrano

DE Mannheim Shoot incl. interviews

However what changed all of us was the incredible feeling we had once we created the wave and our interaction with the water body.

7am at a calm beach we created the wave with our personalized vessels.

Serene silence and the sound of the mesmerizing waves, we all connected with the water at another level. Some were in tears. Some thankful to God for the amazing blessing that we hardly ever appreciate.
Scooping water out of the sea and then pouring it back was like a promise we made to the sea or more so God that we would be more careful about the use of water.

It was so much more than an activity…it was like our organization had committed, we had committed as a team and as individuals.

The bond of water had brought us closer and together we had learnt from the sea to appreciate nature and be careful not to misuse it.

I can say about myself and am sure my team members also feel the same, I brought that promise back home and I still honour it.

I didn’t realise that one action and a ritual would leave such a deep impact on me and make such a significant change in my habits and mindset.”

Farhia Jabbar,  Dawood Corporation – Participant

With this project, we not only show artworks from 25 artists all over the world, giving their perspective on water, we also let the music touch our souls. On top of this we are supporting two water-projects – building a well in Nairobi, helping around 300 kids to access clean water and a school competition in Germany/Austria and Switzerland including the Life=H2O performance, supporting Youngsters to find their own purpose in life. Without life=h2O this wouldn’t have happened.

THANK YOU for this project reaching out to the world, bringing to our conscious the awareness of the importance to support a transition in our world for a healthier planet and more togetherness for us and next generations.” Petra Kern – Participant

„Thanks water, thanks sacred life The wave combined three generations and included an animal. It made our systemic and harmonic interdependence evident and more conscious, thanks to the wave movements between people and with nature.”

Manuela Pagàni Larghi – Participant

Switzerland, Ticino wave
The team

The wave has been initiated by an enthusiastic team

We are members of “the Change Leaders” – a community of change practitioners, created by the alumni of HEC Paris / University of Oxford Saïd Business School’s executive specialised Master’s Degree in ‘Consulting and Coaching for Change’. Via this project we want to raise awareness for the equation L I F E = H2O

Only when we see the connections and understand where our water comes from we will appreciate it for what it is. The fuel of life, the molecule from which we originate. And we believe art has the potential to create a new perception about things that matter, and hence foster social change.

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