Germany - Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg


What a visionary project – Life=H2O got to me from the first minute I heard about it. It let my creativity flow and create a mega event around this beautiful piece of art. With this project, we not only show artworks from 25 artists all over the world, giving their perspective on water, we also let the music touch our souls. On top of this we are supporting two water-projects – building a well in Nairobi, helping around 300 kids to access clean water and a school competition in Germany/Austria and Switzerland including the Life=H2O performance, supporting Youngsters to find their own purpose in life. Without life=h2O this wouldn’t have happened.” Petra Kern – Participant and Gallerist in Heidelberg

Wave details


Number of people: 13

Ages: 27-67 years


June 24th 2021


The wave